Monster High Games Reviews Weekly

Monster High Games Reviews Weekly

Spring is coming, this week I recommend these games below. Catacombs …

Catacombs Adventures Game

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Game Description:

Help the Monster High guys and ghouls creep around the catacombs! Play Scary-Sweet Memories and Finstastic Rescue for fang-tastic adventuring and come back for more Freaky Fab 13th goodies to play including Phantom Roller and Trick or Trance! Scary-Sweet Memories : What do I get Draculaura for her Sweet 1600 birthday? I will collect killer keepsakes from our special times together and give her scary-sweet memories! Oh no! Toralei has hidden my ghoulicious gifts in the catacombs. I have to get them back…………

Fintastic Rescue : Dont worry, mates. I will get our luggage back. Dont let the ship leave without me. Hey, where did our luggage go? I cant wait to get to the Great Barrier Reef and see my family! It is Spring Break and Lagoonas dad has sent a ship to pick up the guys and ghouls for vacay.

No one knows who built the catacombs, or when, or why so much knowledge of them has been lost. The catacombs were already a mystery a few centuries ago, when Frankie Stein's father set up a laboratory around the time that thirteen students went missing. Headline: Frankenstein's Letter to the Editor And about a century ago, Robecca Steam's father joined an expedition into the catacombs that ended up missing too. Robecca Steam's Between Classes diary

The catacombs are largely dangerous, but they are safe to enter as long as people stay within the known portions of the catacombs. Since the area belongs to no one, Monster High has claimed portions nearby the school for facilities the campus doesn't have the room for, such as a train station and its own Skultimate Roller Maze course. As well, Mr. Hackington organizes Creature Spotting field trips into unclaimed portions of the catacombs. Of the flora and fauna to be found there are scargoyles  and monster thistle. Dragons and bone elementals are known to occupy the loneliest parts of the catacombs, which means they're only encountered if a full expedition into the catacombs is organized.

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