Monster High Games Reviews Weekly

Monster High Games Reviews Weekly

Spring is coming, this week I recommend these games below. Catacombs …

Howleen in Dance Class Game

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Game Description:

Howleen want to stand out among its fabulous and popular siblings. The way she found for it was to join the Dance Club. She has the attitude, she is got the moves, but she still does not know what style of dance is perfect for her. Flamenco, samba, ballet, jazz, street dance, hip hop … so many styles! Which one to choose? Click the icon to view menu options such as hair, clothing, accessories. To customize the doll, drag the item on the body and drop it. If you did not like the item, click it in the body of the doll and it will vanish. you have the option to zoom in and reset your doll clothes. Once you have finished your customization, click “Done.”

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