Monster High Games Reviews Weekly

Monster High Games Reviews Weekly

Spring is coming, this week I recommend these games below. Catacombs …

New Games

Monster High Spectra Game

Spectra Vondergeist from Monster High, known as Ghost Girl, is the daughter of the Ghosts. She can float through the walls and possesses an “uncanny” ability to overhear school gossip. Spectra has very pale white skin and long purple hair with matching violet purple lipstick and pale blue eyes. She wears a black dress with a chain belt. Her shoes are purple and have chains wrapped around them, with a metal ball for the heel. She prefers wearing silk and a hint of metal. She has a chain with a metal ball for earrings and part of a Victorian shackle for a bracelet. Drag the hair and items onto Spectra to dress her up. Click on the body icon to change her skin color.

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Cleo Skull Shores Style Game

Cleo de Nile is spending her vacation at beautiful and scary Skull Shores with her friends from Monster High. This beach seems to have many secrets and adventures everywhere.

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Draculaura Hairstyle Game

By far, Draculaura is one of the most popular characters of Monster High, being a total diva, as she is the daughter of Dracula. With pale shin, fangs and big, wondering eyes, is crazy about black but she cheers it up with electric pink.Monster High Draculaura is such a delight for the eye, with black hair and pink high-lights, tied into pigtails. Also her signature is a small, pink heart on her left cheek. As a true vampire she has a crush for safety pins as earrings and pink boots. Monster High Draculaura has long hair and she loves to brush it in different hairstyles that always suit her. Be her hairstylist for today and turn her hair into stylish hairdos. Make it longer, shorter, pick out the high-lights and change their colors, tie it up, let it loose. Let you imagination free so she could enjoy a total makeover from you. Enjoy this hairstyle game! Use the mouse and click on the items to give Draculaura different outfits, hairdos and select the locks of hair and change their colors.

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Dead Tired Coloring Game

All the girls reunited at Cleo de Niles house for a sleepover. All of them are dead tired after finals week at Monster High and all they want now is to relax and gossip. Choose a color in the menu, then click on the image area you want to paint. To erase the painting, click “Erase All”. If you want to save your image, click “Save”. To turn the music, click the sound icon.

Monster High Abbey Game

Abbey Bominable is a foreign exchange student from the north, and daughter of the Yeti. Some people believe she has an icy personality, but once you warm up to her, she’s fun to hang out with. Drag the hair and items onto Spectra to dress her up. Click on the body icon to change her skin color.

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Catrine Scaris Style Game

Catrine is a perfectionistic artist from Scaris, who loves her city dearly. Catrine has white fur, and shoulder-length, wavy purple hair with pink streaks. She has bright blue, cat-eyes and a purple cat-like nose, along with short ears and a tail. She also has a beauty mark below her left eye. Click the icon to view menu options such as hair, clothing, accessories. To customize the doll, drag the item on the body and drop it. If you did not like the item, click it in the body of the doll and it will vanish. you have the option to zoom in and reset your doll clothes. Once you have finished your customization, click “Done.”

Monster High Creepateria Game

While signing up for after-school clubs in the Creepateria, the student bodies were in such high spirits that a food fright broke out. Grab a tray and join the monstrously messy battle. All students are fear game! Move the mouse to aim and click to throw ghoul gruel. Press spacebar to block any edible ammo heading your way. Don’t splatter Mr. Lou Zarr or Headless Headmistress Bloodgood with green goop or you’ll lose points. Hit Mr. Hack for a clawesome rapid-fire hot dog-throwing boost!

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Frankie Scaris Style Game

Frankie Stein and her friends are excited to get soon to the amazing city of Scaris in France, to visit the hometown of Rochelle Goyle and learn about their art and history.

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Monster High Skullastic Game

A day of classes at Monster High can be killer. Get your class schedule and see if you can survive the ghouling curriculum. Luckily, you’ll get Survival Tips from the Monster High student bodies! BEAKER TWEAKER : Keep your beakers from bursting by making sure your beaker-meter stays near the green. Blast beakers with hot or cold bursts to keep them the right temperature. CHOMP CHANGE : Dragon coins are in demand, so grab as many as you can while the supply lasts. Watch out for the biting dragons protecting their freaktacular fortunes. Click your mouse to grab coins. PIRANHA SCOOPER : Use your energy net to fish piranhas out of the school pool. Catch them in a monster bubble. Click on a piranha and hold down your mouse, then release to catch. FEED THE FOLIAGE : A well-fed plant is a happy plant. But don’t overfeed them because food with more happiness value takes longer to recharge. Click, drag, and drop food with your mouse to feed the foliage. ZOMBIE DODGEBALL : Knock over as many zombies as you can! You get 3 throws to knock them undead. Click and hold your mouse, then release to throw.

Monster High Puzzle Set Game

1. Use mouse to puzzle pieces to complete the Monster High picture. 2. Monster High pictures should be completed in record time score increases. 3. Each pictures has 5 levels, will increase the number of puzzle pieces. (16,25,36,49,64)

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Monster High Games Reviews Weekly

Spring is coming, this week I recommend these games below.

Catacombs Adventures Game

Catacombs Adventures Game

Help the Monster High guys and ghouls creep around the catacombs! Play Scary-Sweet Memories and Finstastic Rescue for fang-tastic adventuring and come back for more Freaky Fab 13th goodies to play including Phantom Roller and Trick or Trance! Scary-Sweet Memories : What do I get Draculaura for her Sweet 1600 birthday? I will collect killer keepsakes from our special times together and give her scary-sweet memories! Oh no! Toralei has hidden my ghoulicious gifts in the catacombs. I have to get them back…………

Monster High is a multimedia-supported doll franchise from Mattel that was launched in 2010. Its story revolves around the terrific teenage descendants of the world's most famous monsters as they brave the trials and tribulations of a mixed-creature high school in a world that's barely ready for that. Making a few enemies and lots of friends along the way, the students find their way through trouble both big and small. The Monster High Wiki strives to be an encyclopedic resource for all things Monster High and all help is welcome. Be sure to read the articles linked to on the right, however, as there's many regulations in place for even more reasons.

Purrsephone is a 2011-introduced and all-around character. She is a werecat and a student at Monster High. Purrsephone, principally recognizable for her black hair, has a twin sister by the name of Meowlody, who is principally recognizable for her white hair. Along with Toralei, their best friend, sib from another crib, and leader all rolled up in one, the trio are some of the worst causers of trouble at the school. Nonetheless, Purrsephone is rather sociable if caught alone and is usually the one trying to find a bright side to an unfortunate situation. Unlike Meowlody, Purrsephone is insecure about herself and constantly looking for ways to prove her value as an individual. Even though she and her sister go along well, Purrsephone hates when the two of them are conflated.